Native Agronomics Inc

Who are we?

“Native Ag” is a Native-owned and operated consulting and management firm offering a number of services focused on assisting tribal governments and native-owned organizations with their entry into the highly competitive world of cannabis operations.

Native Ag offers full-spectrum project management services for growing, processing and selling cannabis products from site prep and construction to outfitting, staffing and training. In management consulting, Native Ag offers retail and wholesale business development services,  business assessment and improvement, and short-term business management services (when necessary).  Our understanding and concierge treatment of cultural differences helps create a bridge between Indian country and the commercial world.

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A few of the tribal stores with whom we work . . .

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Our job is to make YOU successful

We help YOU put together the business plan that’s right for YOU.  Then we help YOU make it a reality with the right facility, the right equipment and supplies, the right staff, the right training, and the right marketing plan.

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"True North Oil, a producer of quality CBD products, has recently teamed with Native Agronomics for help in placing our premium CBD products in tribal stores throughout Washington and the Northwest."
Gary Cline
Managing Member
" . . . To anyone thinking of entering a contract with Native Agronomics we recommend and welcome you to our elite group of high quality growers and processors . . . "
Lillian Yuen
CEO of award-winning Millennium Green
"Native Ag's . . . consultants have been right on for us . . . working together helps us grow stronger and faster. I recommend that any professional grower or processor can trust and enjoy the professional services of the Native Ag team."
Joe Mahoney
Managing Member
"I would like to recommend Native Agronomics to you. I have worked with their owners and team of business and cannabis specialists throughout my medical and recreational journey. Their mentoring, advice and support of the expanding tribal cannabis industry has added depth to my knowledge . . ."
Seth Stromme
CEO of Agape Research WA
"Native Agronomics is great. Rick and Bill have delivered on some of the very most difficult stores in the state. I have tried and tried and they delivered lol! They also follow up and help to keep the orders coming."
John Chaisson, MBA
Managing Member

Supporting our clients in their cannnabis ambitions

Our annual event, which we hope to start in 2021 or 2022 (depending on the pandemic, of course) will bring together representatives of the Northwest cannabis tribes for a roundtable and several presentations from industry professionals. During the one-day meeting our invited experts will teach you the intelligent  management playbook that the most successful cannabis companies are using. You will learn the best practices, current trends, and top issues facing the cannabis industry today.

Meet your counterparts from other Native cannabis businesses throughout the Northwest.

Don’t get left behind . . .  you will learn the best practices and current trends used by leading companies in the cannabis industry today.

Make friends . . . exchange numbers . . .  learn new skills . . . and enjoy a great mid-day meal with us. We’re looking forward to seeing you!


Peter "Rick" Guerrero


Rick is an enrolled member of the Tlingit and Haida Tribes of Alaska, and the long-time CEO of Northwest Security Solution. Rick has been active in encouraging tribal stewardship of natural resources for a number of years.


Paul Gleckl

Sr Consultant

Paul comes to us after retiring from a 20-year career in Native American casino management. Paul is a Marine Vietnam veteran. Early in his career he studied marijuana cultivation and hashish-making in Morocco, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, and other Southeast Asia.countries.

Dennis Freeman

Dennis Freeman

COO/Sr Consultant

Dennis is an enrolled member of the Tlingit Indian Tribe with a number of years' experience as a Store Manager and Operations Manager for a respected multi-store cannabis retailer. Dennis is an expert in merchandising, pricing strategy, customer service, employee training, and the flow of retail cannabis sales and marketing.


Seth Stromme

On-call Consultant

Seth is a licensed Tier 3 grower and processor, well known for his consistent "top shelf" medical and recreational THC and CBD cannabis products. He has a knack for seeing, hearing, smelling, and knowing the intimate needs of his crops and is able to raise the production and value of his flower at a fast pace. Seth began his cannabis career in 2013 when he established a retail store in Seattle that was very highly regarded.

Bill Quinn

Bill Quinn

Co-Founder/CFO/Sr Consultant

Bill has been working in "Indian Country" since 1982, first as a CPA, then as CFO for a number of casino properties, and has been a Consultant since 2010. In addition to being an MBA/CPA, Bill holds a number of additional certifications.


Berto Iglesias

On-call Consultant

Berto is a highly accomplished cannabis grower and Managing Member for Agriculture and Extraction for Atomic Budz.

We have numerous additional personnel  resources available on-call as required by the needs of any particular project: experts in construction, agriculture, science, security and marketing. We coordinate the activities of all working on a project to assure the best results for the client.

Ready to get the right solution for your business?

Our extensive team of experts in all areas of cannabis operations is eagerly looking forward to helping YOU become a success in the cannabis industry.