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What We Do

We help you solve your unique cannabis business challenges in a way that works for YOU.

Grow Solutions

Where to start...? Depending on expected use, we suggest outdoors for hemp and indoors for marijuana. Both crops need nearly constant care and attention but marijuana is more subject to disease, insects and other factors.

Processing Solutions

What to make . . .? You can buy or grow your raw materials. Marijuana and hemp can be processed into many different products. We suggest an analysis of your expected market combined with your particular interests in the end products.

Retail Solutions

How to sell . . . ? In many ways a cannabis store is like any other retail store . . . there are products to sell and employees to help customers and take payments. Cannabis products, however, are subject to high levels of internal and external pilferage due to their nature, so a fairly high level of security needs to be maintained at all times.

Project Management

How do we DO this . . . ? That's where we come in . . . we have extensive experience in managing large projects and enterprises for tribal governments extending back into the 1980's. We have extensive resources in the cannabis industry ranging back to legalization in 1998 (medical) and 2012 (recreational). As Project Managers we will provide all necessary systems, procedures, forms and progress reports to manage and control the project.

Native Greens

Native Greens is our Native-owned brand offering top shelf recreational and medical marijuana products through both tribal and state-licensed stores. Products are produced by quality grower-processors that we have carefully vetted to provide a great product at a reasonable price. Some of these products offer a THC level in the high 20% area; a few even higher. You can definitely "get a high" from these products so please, do not use and then operate a vehicle or motorized equipment.

People of the Medicine

People of the Medicine is our Native-owned brand offering top quality hemp CBD products. These products are lab tested to contain no more than the legal maximum of THC (currently 0.3%) and they will not cause intoxication. We make no claim of medical effectiveness and choose to let the excellence of our products "speak for themselves."

Ready to get a best solution for your business?

We help YOU put together the business plan that’s right for YOU.  Then we help YOU make it a reality with the right facility, the right equipment and supplies, the right staff, the right training, and the right marketing plan.