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  • Choosing the Right Entity for a Cannabis Business: Corporations May 21, 2022
    One of the most important decisions a new cannabis business can make is the form of entity it will use. In fact, one of the first questions businesses ask is whether the right entity for a cannabis business is a limited liability company (LLC), corporation, or something else. Like basically every other legal analysis, the […]
  • Fire Season is Coming, Again May 20, 2022
    Last summer, I wrote a post called “Fire Season is Coming.” Given the massive expected California droughts, it’s pretty safe to assume that fire season is coming, again. Today, I want to recap some of the issues that we’re likely to see in the coming months. As we learned in prior fire seasons, the cannabis […]
  • How Cannabis Businesses Succeed May 19, 2022
    We work with many large cannabis businesses and many small ones too. It’s fun to talk up the bigger fish, but I have a soft spot for the little guys. I really enjoy small business at the end of the day. I like seeing financial statements of disciplined, privately held companies doing maybe $5m to […]
  • Cannabis Litigation: Perpetuating Testimony May 18, 2022
    Civil litigation in cannabis, like any other industry, usually proceeds in a predicable order. First, a complaint is filed and served. This kicks off the lawsuit and compels a defendant to file an Answer to avoid a default judgment. Second, the parties conduct written discovery: i.e. gathering relevant documents, identifying potential witnesses, and serving interrogatories and […]
  • Classifying California Cannabis Workers May 17, 2022
    California is one of the trickiest states in the U.S. for employers, and especially for cannabis employers. The numerous, byzantine requirements here simply don’t exist in many other states. Classifying California cannabis workers is one of the biggest challenges for local industry. Cannabis companies often think they can get around employment law requirements by calling […]
  • Legal Mistakes for Cannabis Businesses May 15, 2022
    I recently spoke with a lawyer who was newer to representing cannabis clients. The lawyer asked me to describe the biggest legal mistakes I see for cannabis businesses. Over the years, our cannabis lawyers have seen cannabis businesses make just about every mistake in the book. Today though, I want to talk about what I […]
  • Sometimes, the Parody Defense to Copyright Infringement Works! May 14, 2022
    As a cannabis intellectual property litigator, part of my job is to help clients make cost-benefit and risk analyses. My colleagues and I have written several posts about the defense of “parody” in cannabis intellectual property litigation, and why it’s a very specific defense that people tend to overstretch in most cases. While that remains […]
  • Signs of Life for the SAFE Banking Act? May 13, 2022
    The SAFE Banking Act has languished in Congress since early 2017, a victim of political gridlock and division, as well as political wrangling over broad approaches to cannabis legalization.  We last covered the SAFE Banking Act in February, when it looked as though 2022 would be the sixth year in which this bill would die. […]
  • FREE Webinar June 14: Protecting, Monetizing and Enforcing Cannabis Intellectual Property May 12, 2022
    Register HERE! Protecting and monetizing intellectual property (IP) assets in the cannabis industry is a critical step for many businesses. Enforcement of valuable IP rights against infringers may also be vital to a cannabis business’s success. The cannabis industry is highly dynamic and competitive. In addition to state and local rules, the Schedule I status […]
  • Cannabis in Mexico: Focus on Hemp May 11, 2022
    Medical cannabis is legal in Mexico, but not much has been happening lately with legalizing cannabis for adult use. Oaxaca has made some effort to decriminalize recreational cannabis consumption, and earlier Mexican Supreme Court decisions declared prohibition unconstitutional, but other than these things, legalization and regulation of recreational cannabis has stalled in Mexico. Mexico’s Cannabis Law […]

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  • Canopy Growth Acquires Jetty Extracts May 19, 2022
    Canopy Growth Corporation, one of the largest cannabis companies in the world, announced the acquisition of Jetty Extracts this week for $69 million. The acquisition follows a similar pattern of their recent acquisitions, increasing their North American footprint in the cannabis market considerably. The post Canopy Growth Acquires Jetty Extracts appeared first on Cannabis Industry Journal.
  • FDA Issues Warning Over Copycat Cannabis Consumables May 17, 2022
    Last week, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) published a consumer warning regarding food products containing THC and the risk of children accidentally eating them. Between January of last year through April 24, 2022, the FDA says they have received more than 100 adverse event reports involving people (both adults and children) accidentally consuming […]
  • Why the Cannabis Industry Must Combat Degree Inflation May 16, 2022
    The importance of college education in the hiring process is fading and an emphasis on it can lead to payroll premiums, poor productivity and high turnover. Instead, look to technical and soft skills and develop your company’s pipeline of non-degree employees. The post Why the Cannabis Industry Must Combat Degree Inflation appeared first on Cannabis Industry […]
  • AOAC Launches Cannabis Proficiency Testing Program May 11, 2022
    AOAC International, partnering with Signature Sciences, debuts their pilot round for their cannabis laboratory proficiency testing program this month, the only PT program with actual cannabis flower as a matrix. The first live round of their PT program is scheduled to begin in November of 2022. The post AOAC Launches Cannabis Proficiency Testing Program appeared first […]
  • Steep Hill Expands to Vermont May 11, 2022
    The cannabis lab testing company with locations throughout the world announced today their expansion into Vermont. The post Steep Hill Expands to Vermont appeared first on Cannabis Industry Journal.
  • Aurora Launches New Product Line in UK May 10, 2022
    Aurora Cannabis announced today that the company has launched three new EU GMP cannabis extracts for patients in the United Kingdom. Sourced from Aurora’s facility in Denmark, the terpene-forward extract line will be available starting this month. The post Aurora Launches New Product Line in UK appeared first on Cannabis Industry Journal.
  • A Q&A with Ethan Zohn, Brand Ambassador for Momenta, a Trulieve Brand May 5, 2022
    In this article, Aaron Green interviews Ethan Zohn, Brand Ambassador for Momenta, to learn more about his pathway to becoming a brand ambassador and how, as a cancer survivor, he incorporates cannabis into his running routines. The post A Q&A with Ethan Zohn, Brand Ambassador for Momenta, a Trulieve Brand appeared first on Cannabis Industry Journal.
  • Cannabis Banking: The Ins, the Outs & the Unknowns May 4, 2022
    Banking cannabis-related businesses can be challenging. Banks and nonbank financial institutions should understand and consider their risk appetite, and document, articulate, and implement necessary precautions and other controls. The post Cannabis Banking: The Ins, the Outs & the Unknowns appeared first on Cannabis Industry Journal.
  • FDA Issues First Warning Letters for Delta-8 THC May 4, 2022
    In an FDA news release, the agency says they have issued their first warning letters to companies illegally selling products that contain delta-8 THC. The letters were sent to five companies for marketing unapproved new drugs, misbranding and adding delta-8-thc to food products. The post FDA Issues First Warning Letters for Delta-8 THC appeared first on […]
  • Quality in the Retail Ecosystem: A Q&A with LucidaClub Founder Jack Roosevelt May 3, 2022
    Shopping at a cannabis dispensary can often be an overwhelming and intimidating experience for a new cannabis consumer. LucidaClub aims to fix that with a membership-based platform designed to help make sense of the cannabis world. In this article, we sit down with Jack Roosevelt, co-founder of LucidaClub, to hear his thoughts on the cannabis […]

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