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Native Greens

We do not currently sell our top quality cannabis products containing THC online,  but they are (or should be) readily available at your local tribal or state-licensed cannabis retailer.  If your local store is currently out of stock, please ask them to contact us and we’ll immediately rush out a new inventory supply.


Native Greens is our Native-owned brand for premium marijuana products. We only offer products under this brand from top quality growers and processors whom we have carefully vetted to be in compliance with all applicable licensing, health and safety regulations.


We have vetted a variety of fine marijuana products and have branded the best with our Native-owned logo . . . premium products at a reasonable price. Ask for Native Greens products at your local tribal cannabis store. If they’re out of stock, please ask them to reach out to us on the Contact page and we’ll rush a new inventory to them. Your purchase of Native Greens products supports Native-owned businesses.

Meet Our Vendors

We’d like you to meet ATOMIC BUDZ, a tier 2 producer and processor in Washington State. We agree with them that they grow and produce excellent cannabis products.  AB’s philosophy is “why not smoke the best…. and true connoisseurs want the best. They appreciate the smell(s), the taste, the finish that literally whets your palate for more because of the elevated THC content, high terpene counts and other cannabinoids present in high levels.” Atomic Budz is a legal and licensed WA 502 producer and processor using proprietary modern, forward thinking growing techniques to produce excellent yields and products that consumers can rely on time and time again. 

What makes Marijuana, Marijuana?

Marijuana is one of the two main varieties of the cannabis sativa plant, the other major variety being hemp. The cannabis sativa plant contains over 400 chemical compounds, generally called cannabinoids. The two main cannabinoids are THC (tetrahydrocannabidiol), which comes from the marijuana plant, and which is the substance that can make a person “high,” and CBD (cannabidiol), which can be refined from either plant, and which by itself will NOT make a person high. When the THC level exceeds 0.3% the plant is classified as marijuana; under 0.3% is considered hemp. For thousands of years Native peoples have observed the effects of the cannabis plant on the health and well-being of people and came to the conclusion that the therapeudic benefits of using cannabis far outweigh the potential negative effects. Since products containing recreational amounts of THC can be quite intoxicating, good citizenship suggests the user should avoid the operation of vehicles and other motorized equipment while “under the influence.”