Native Agronomics Inc

Retail Solutions

It’s in the Retail Solution that the rubber meets the road. Here’s where all your hard work pays off and you sell your cannabis products to the public.  We can’t stress enough that “good customer service pays huge dividends.” 

Services Available in the Retail Solution

Store Design

We’ll evaluate your proposed store and help you prepare a suitable budget.  We’ll manage the construction or handle the remodeling as necessary to prepare for the anticipated needs of your business.

Fixtures and Equipment and Inventory

We’ll help you put together a suitable budget then order and install the store fixtures and equipment and we’ll write up your standard operating procedures.  Inventory control is the absolute key to success in this business, so we’ll particularly address inventory control procedures.

Staffing and Training

We’ll put together your job descriptions, help you prepare a budget, help you select and hire suitable management and staff, and provide all necessary training to assure a successful operation. Please keep in mind that it’s an enthusiastic and well-trained staff that will make or break your retail efforts.

To make the Retail Solution work, you’ll need an attractive, clean, modern, and efficient physical plant — a retail store — with display counters that properly feature, yet protect, your products, and all the necessary fixtures, equipment, and systems to monitor and track your inventory movement and sales, and provide an appropriate level of security for your staff, visitors and guests (customers).  And, of course, you’ll need all the necessary standard operating procedures to keep everything moving along efficiently. We can get you set up and operating, and provide you with all your needed written materials: an operations manual, an employee handbook, a security manual, a surveillance manual, and other materials tailored to the needs of your specific business.

Ready to get a best solution for your business?

We help YOU put together the business plan that’s right for YOU.  Then we help YOU make it a reality with the right facility, the right equipment and supplies, the right staff, the right training, and the right marketing plan.